Vertically Integrated Consulting, Capitalization, Management, and Exits for Real Estate Developers, Investment Funds, and Entrepreneurs on the Blockchain.

A members-only company with a group of like-minded individuals, businesses, and investors that pool resources to form partnerships among its members. Our projects focus on sustainability and new technologies that aid in constructing resilient communities—communities that have often been overlooked or neglected by conventional funding sources. We are collaborating with an international group utilizing cutting-edge Blockchain technologies, NFTs, and other pending patented structures to diversify portfolios and provide solutions benefiting all investors, asset holders, and partners!

The Ecosystem is a membership-structured Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed for like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s constructed to standardize, streamline, and optimize the establishment, funding, and launch of new ventures. Examples of these ventures include companies, initiatives, real estate development, investment funds, charities, or trusts. To ensure top-tier security, the Ecosystem employs reputable due diligence firms, facial recognition systems, two-factor authentication (2FA), and vertically integrated consultants, advisors, and capital. Additionally, it utilizes smart contracts and distributed ledgers. The Ecosystem effectively reduces counterparty risk, securities fraud, identity theft, non-compliance risk, money laundering risk, friction, and project failure by utilizing contractually agreed-upon templates, contracts, systems, and plans within a unified ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investment fund managers, real estate developers, investors, charities, trusts, and non-governmental organizations.
The platform consists of three integral parts:

1. The Social Media Network (Web 2.0 Framework) for Entrepreneurs,
2. The Patricia Merkle Tree to index all archives and execute smart contracts governing transactions, filings, offerings, and commerce,
3. The Directed Acyclic Graph to archive files, executed agreements, attestations, filings, receipts, transactions, valuations, verifications, validations, and any other necessary documents in the usual PDF, WORD, OR EXCEL FILES immutably. It offers on-demand access to records, contracts, minutes, or any other relevant document for a company, investment, transaction, or other financial event.
The Ecosystem’s primary focus is to grant access to consultancy, capital, business development, incubation, and acceleration to foster community and economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It aims to bridge the gap between Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance, Digital Assets, and Crypto Asset Compliance. Effectively, it brings high finance onto the blockchain, meeting all current regulatory and statutory requirements stipulated by the US Securities and Commodities Regulators and Statutes; programmatically enforced via smart contracts.

A Members-Only company brings together a community of like-minded individuals, businesses, and investors, pooling resources to establish partnerships within the community. Utilizing a diverse portfolio of members, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions. Collaborating with both businesses and individuals seeking funding and growth for their ventures, we work closely with our members to offer advice, conduct analysis, and structure opportunities, ensuring optimal support. Our aim is to introduce and recommend multiple options and groups for direct collaboration, fostering a sense of teamwork. Join our community for a journey toward success. We’re dedicated to helping you connect with the ideal partner to form the perfect partnership. Our role encompasses providing cost-effective funds and nurturing lasting partnerships among our members.

Main Areas of interest

Executive Summary: The Alitheia Nation

The Alitheia Nation, conceived by Alitheia Holdings in 2018 under the visionary leadership of Jared Elkins, is a groundbreaking project rooted in the Greek word for “Truth.” Our mission centers on truth, liberty, and conscious capitalism, and our goal is to redefine the concept of citizenship by offering dual citizenship to individuals worldwide. The Alitheia Nation represents a transformative approach to governance, economy, and holistic living.

The Alitheia Nation is committed to fostering an egalitarian society where truth, transparency, and economic freedom are the pillars of existence. We aim to enhance the lives of our citizens by providing dual citizenship opportunities to augment their existing rights, including affordable capital and insurance, affordable housing, clean, non-GMO food, clean, chemical-free water, comprehensive, holistic healthcare, and access to Specimen—a healing-centered Comprehensive Medical Campus.


Key Components

Our blockchain-based ecosystem is a beacon of transparency and immutability, offering tools and platforms that empower entrepreneurs and consultants to access capital and drive positive change at a macro level. Within the Alitheia Nation, citizenship grants individuals access to these powerful resources, enabling them to thrive in the new digital age.

These decentralized states, inspired by the Vatican City model, form micro-communities within the Alitheia Nation. Built on the framework of a Constitutional Republic, they promote conscious capitalism, economic freedom, and the enhancement of holistic living. Citizens of the Alitheia Nation can engage actively in these communities, furthering their sense of belonging and empowerment.

Present in every Arcadia Community as well as through standalone satellite facilities, Specimen offers a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on healing rather than symptom treatment. It includes a range of modalities, such as PhytoPharma, Let thy food be thy medicine, sacred medicines, old-world medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapies (including reiki, acupuncture, reflexology), red light and blue light therapy, cryotherapy, and conventional/modern medicine with cutting-edge diagnostics, virtual care, telehealth, and supplementation through IV/IM clinics.

As the custodian of 80% of Alitheia Holdings’ assets, the Alitheia Trust plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial stability of the Alitheia Nation. Citizens enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their dual citizenship is underpinned by a secure and prosperous financial foundation.

The Alitheia Nation is strategically positioned to leverage Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to enhance its international liquidity and facilitate cross-border transactions. This financial instrument further strengthens the Alitheia Nation’s economic foundation.

These reserves, including precious metals, rare earth minerals, petroleum, and carbon offset generators, serve as the bedrock of the Alitheia Nation’s financial strength, offering citizens a secure and prosperous future

The Alitheia Nation’s financial strategy is built on a solid foundation, encompassing Forex reserves, SWFs, and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) through the IMF. This strategy underpins the Alitheia Coin, a global, asset-agnostic cryptocurrency paying interest in USD or Euro. Dual citizenship, offered to individuals worldwide, augments their existing rights and benefits by providing access to a robust financial ecosystem designed to enhance their holistic living, economic freedom, and access to affordable capital and insurance, affordable housing, clean, non-GMO food, clean, chemical-free water, comprehensive, holistic healthcare, and Specimen’s healing-centered Comprehensive Medical Campus.

The Alitheia Nation actively seeks recognition and collaboration with indigenous tribes and Latin nations, fostering alliances built on the principles of truth, liberty, and conscious capitalism. By extending the benefits of dual citizenship, we aim to create a world where individuals can thrive with increased rights and opportunities.

The Alitheia Nation invites forward-thinking individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries to join us on this transformative journey. By embracing dual citizenship, our citizens gain access to an ecosystem that enhances their existing rights, providing holistic healthcare, solid retirement options, affordable capital and insurance, affordable housing, clean, non-GMO food, clean, chemical-free water, comprehensive, holistic healthcare, and Specimen’s healing-centered Comprehensive Medical Campus. Together, we embody the ethos of truth and liberty, shaping a brighter future for all.