The Alitheia Platforms

The Etairos Token is used to tokenize the company platform that promotes, funds, and manages all Member Single Purpose Entities, transactions in a given field. This LLC creates the industry specific partner for Ecosystem Members’ project SPVs. This LLC provides the industry specific credibility for capitalization, lending, insurance, and business development for Ecosystem Members. The Etairos Company is the industry expert and managing director of Ecosystem General Partnership LLCs for members’ Ergo Project SPEs. The Alitheia Platform Token Owner retains a five percent (5%) position of all projects general partnership LLCS within the platform for business development consulting, management consulting, and the industry experience necessary to successfully launch and grow a project in the given space. In addition to the industry expertise of the Platform Token Holder, each project is supported by Alitheia Legal, Alitheia Consulting, and Alitheia Capital Groups. Each project token’s day to day is managed by the Ergo Token Holder that published the project or project syndication in The Ecosystem. Each platform contains industry specific, compliant, form fill contracts, vertically integrated business consulting, legal consulting, and capital consulting for the 506C Regulation D Private Placement. The Ecosystem Project Syndication System vertically integrates scalability for Entrepreneurs, and The Ecosystem’s Blended Capital Solution featuring Ecosystem Hedge Funds and Lender Networks provides the lowest friction available today in the Capital Markets, at the lowest capital cost available.

Alitheia Impact Plan The Drasi Token

The Drasi Class Token is used to create programs for 501c3 Charities in local communities and is the vanguard of the Alitheia Impact Plan. Every Alitheia Token Holder is Issued a Drasi Token to allow the user to directly interact with charities via The Ecosystem.

Project Creation The Ergo Token

Ergo Tokens are Projects. Everything in the Ecosystem revolves around projects, project finance, and the revitalization of the Main Street Entrepreneur. Individual projects are unaffiliated and are sourced from members, their clients, or The Alitheia Group.

Project Sponsorship Syndicated Ergo Tokens

Project Syndication is the fuel for the Alitheia Impact Plan. Any project within The Ecosystem can by syndicated by any member under any operational Kointitas Token in any community with the full support of the Alitheia Group, and The Ecosystem Membership.


Project Deployment The Etairos Token

The Etairos Token governs the industry compliance, finance relationships, and is the tokenized representation of the Operating LLC that manages the implementation of syndications across communities the Members are engaging via the Impact Plan.


The Project Single Purpose Entity General Partner LLC

Ecosystem Member Sponsors Program 70%

A member selects a market they wish to start an SPE in, drafts an Executive Summary, and sponsors an Ergo Token to publish.

Alitheia Legal Group Establishes the LLC 5%

Alitheia Legal Group files the necessary paperwork with Delaware Sect. of State, the IRS, the SEC and Wells Fargo, Chase, or HSBC.


Alitheia Consulting Group Forms The Plan 5%

Once the filings are complete, the Sponsoring Member works with Alitheia Consulting Group to finalize the plan and proformas.

Alitheia Platform LLC Launches the Plan 5%

The member works with the appropriate platform to syndicate an existing project in a new market or launch a new project altogether.

Alitheia Capital Group Builds The Offering 5%

The member works with Alitheia Capital Group to create the offering and Loan Documents for the Unaffiliated Ergo Project.


Ecosystem JVP Promotes The Raise 9%

The Ecosystem Joint Venture Partners’ media companies creates and runs the campaigns working with appointment setters.



When a member creates an Ergo Token, the Alitheia Legal Group will file two Delaware LLCs, one for the general partners that will run the project’s day to day, and another LLC that is the actual project entity. This project becomes part of the Alitheia Impact Plan, which represents the Ecosystem Economic Development Promise for small communities across the country and around the world. ASYNC Capital Solutions implements Epiptos Tokens (aggregations of specific Ergo Tokens tailored to the specific needs of a given community). By publishing Epiptos Tokens specific to given communities, the Ecosystem Members are then presented with available Ergo to sponsor in given communities and the process of forming a new SPE begins for the Syndication. The list of syndicated projects, capital partners, blended capital solutions, and subsidies for affordable housing, job creation, venture capital, and debt restructuring. When a project is syndicated, the Genesis Ergo Token Holder is granted a 3% Preferred Equity Position in all syndicated projects.


2022 Alitheia Ecosystem Platforms

The Real Estate Platform

The primary focus of the Real Estate Platform is affordable housing; single family, multi-family, and transitional living developments. In addition, Eco-Villages and Smart Cities featuring green, sustainable, independent communities are the second featured opportunitiy. The platform however, can accomodate any Real Estate development or acquisition project.


The Manufacturing Platform

The Manufacturing Platform is the primary economic driver for the Alitheia Impact Plan and the mission to revitalize Mainstreet USA. Syndicating manufacturing of key technologies, products, and materials from existing companies and relationships to lower project costs and create jobs for communities via the Alitheia Impact Plan provides asynchronous, risk neutral growth for manufacturing via Ergo Project Tokens.


The Agriculture Platform

Over the last forty years the nutritional value of the readily available food supply has fallen precipitously. The Agricultural Platform seeks to not only improve the quality of the food product, but increase the food production through hydroponic, aeroponic, and microproduction projects throughout the communities sponsored by the Ecosystem Members.



The Water Platform

The Crown Jewel of the Alitheia Community; the single most important deployment of capital the Human Condition can engage in. We don’t have a water problem, we have a drinkable water problem. The water platform is dedicated entirely to providing better, more efficient, more sustainable solutions to provide, clean, readily available water where it is needed most.


The Media Platform

Music, Video, IP, Web Properties, and other forms of media ownership, technologies, publication, and distribution make up this platform. The primary focus of the platform are traditional web property and digital media acquisitions and licensing, but the entire industry is represented on the Platform. Using conventional Reg D and Reg A Private Placements for M&A the digital presence to carry the Alitheia Mission forward is perpetually growing.

The Petroleum Platform

The Petroleum Industry represents a key commodity in the world economy, and is here to stay. Top Down Energy is the only way to elevate the Human Condition reliably, sustainably, and ethically; which is why the Alitheia Petroleum Platform is dedicated to identifying and bringing innovation, responsible exploration, extraction, and remediation to market. Further, the lower friction, vertically integrated finance, provide trust in an otherwise trustless space.

The Commodities Platform

Precious metals, rare earth minerals, minerals, food, and all other commodities produced, refined, processed, manufactured, and subsequently distributed represent the foundation of the commodities platform. Members generating instruments and credit facilities to provide frictionless commodities production, trading, and distribution.


The Medical Platform

From R&D to manufacturing and shipping of soft goods, to phytopharma, the Medical Platform is focused on ensuring the continuation of medical advances, affordable care, and health support systems throughout communities sponsored by the Ecosystem Members. Projects on the Medical Platform are vital to the Alitheia Impact Plan and the Human Condition.


The Blockchain & Crypto Platform

Blockchain technology provides absolute transparency, immutability, decentralization, and democratization, in the entireties provide the foundation for the Asynchronous Renaissance, and the Alitheia Ecosystem provides a monetary policy that provides real value for the Cryptocurrencies. The projects on the Blockchain Platform drive the community forward.