The Alitheia Token Is Your Passport In The Ecosystem

The Alitheia Token is an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) backed by financial industry standards, protocols, methods and systems for KYC-AML-CFT-POF-POP compliance, certification, and use in The Ecosystem. By vertically integrating industry professionals in the commercial, financial, and diligence spaces The Ecosystem provides a complete, secure, and frictionless environment for a multitude of High Finance Transactions. The Alitheia is the tokenization of your identity, your performance, assets, relationships, and projects. All transacting members of The Ecosystem are issued an Alitheia Token and submit to the Alitheia Diligence Process. Using our diligence, custodial, and data partners we provide the necessary background diligence, certify, and maintain KYC-AML-CFT compliance in an ongoing capacity for our members.

This level of diligence, our certifications and attestations provide the necessary comfort to our capital and asset partners. Investors, Lenders, Buyers, Sellers, and Manufacturers all rely on our process, assurances, and certifications to mitigate risk, lower friction, and increase transactional success. Your token is the digital representation of your commitment to Truth and Transparency to our vetted and certified partners on either side of the table.

By joining The Ecosystem, our partners become your partners. Our diligence process verifies funds, assets, inventory, and performance of all of our Transactional Partners. We remove the risk of non-performance, fraud, and transactional failure by partnering with proven operators on our platforms. Our capital partners, manufacturers, buyers and sellers are all proven performers and are actively seeking new business relationships; they are looking for entrepreneurs like you.

Your Data is Secure

All of your records and documents are stored with The Ecosystem CPAs and Attorneys, on an airgapped server. You are issued a Safe Keeping Receipt for all copies of all documents submitted, verified, and certified by The Ecosystem. All Digital Transport of documents are done via ProtonMail and all messages are delivered via POP3 and no attachments are left on the Server. Airgapping the servers makes the theft of sensitive data impossible. Your Token ID is the front facing identifier on the Web Platform, IPFS, and Ethereum Blockchain.

Privacy and Trust Coexisting​​

Typically one establishes trust by sharing information, details of variant degrees of intimacy. Business trust is not much different, yet everyone wants to have trust and privacy at the same time. Prior to The Ecosystem, they were mutually exclusive; however, The Ecosystem redefines trust, redefines privacy, and redefines the parameters of commerce. By developing an environment where Privacy and Trust coexist the Ecosystem lowers risk, friction, and the ability to defraud principals, companies, and institutions.

Certified Assets and Capital

All transactional partners in The Ecosystem are verified and certified prior to be accessible to Token Holders. All asset and capital providers go through rigorous diligence including past performance, criminal and civil filings, progeny of capital and assets, This level of assurance gives the transacting Token Holders the necessary comfort when they come to the table, the likelihood of success is greatly improved.

Anonymized Agreements

The idea of showing someone’s past performance is historically a non-starter; however, in an anonymized state, where all parties’ identities are protected, the idea of providing the historical past performance is not only safe, but it is paramount in growing confidence in the system, no differently than the trust one has in a chair prior to sitting in it. The more anonymous transactions that are completed and published to the blockchain, the more efficient the entire process becomes for the global village at large, across all platforms and markets in The Ecosystem.

Token to Token Transactions

Transacting principals interacting directly in The Ecosystem prevents miscommunications, intermediary interference, and most importantly protects the integrity of the transaction. Smart Contracts, Encrypted Email, and the contracted financial professionals ensure transactional success. Leveraging the anonymity afforded by The Ecosystem, protecting the principals, and simultaneously offering unprecedented transparency, The Alitheia Token provides the mechanism that protects all principals, commerce, and the global economy on the blockchain.