The Alitheia Flagship Project  Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs as a Community on the Blockchain.

A – Ethereum pointing to an Interplanetary File System (IPFS) utilizing a modified Merkel Tree – and a Dicyclic

A – Blockchain is immutable by design. It requires consensus for ratification of new “nodes” and without the
advancement from the Alitheia Ecosystem Oracles, the new node is not even presented for ratification. An
Oracle is an actual human intervention in an otherwise automated process. This might be a Platform Executive
Director, A Consultancy Executive Director, an Attorney (member side), an accountant (member side), an
attorney (Alitheia Side), an Accountant (Alitheia Side), a Government Official, A Bank Representative, or another
member of the Ecosystem

A – The Ethereum Blockchain is the largest, most robust, globally accepted platform on the planet. The
Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is the largest, most robust, file storage blockchain on the planet. The State of
Delaware is the gold standard for asset protection, privacy, wealth protection, and financial institutional
governance in the United States. The permanent nature of the Blockchain, when coupled with Delaware’s longstanding histories, creates a perpetual and ongoing archive, and streamlined corporate governance architecture
of the highest standards

A – It is a non-fungible token.

A- Because the NFT presents the tokenized proof of (ownership, identity, legal disposition, organization,
education, part performance, professional profile, and membership to the Ecosystem) and is the only way you
can exist in a blockchain environment.

A – You will need 2 types of NFT. For a list of all types of NFT’s see this glossary. Also, see the Token Guide at the
Alitheia portal.

A – The Maslow Initiative is the first project funded by the Monimos Indigenous Fund and is founded under the
principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In the Maslow Initiative, these principles are being applied to a
community rather than an individual person. For a community to reach self-actualization, the people need clean
food, chemical free water, affordable housing, economic development, education, and purpose. All of these
aspects are fully represented and incorporated in the Alitheia Impact Plan.

A – They are High Net Worth Individuals, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Family
Offices. To the investors, this is business as usual. This is not anything the market hasn’t seen and isn’t
accustomed to. Additionally, each member attracts new investors to the platform with their project. That said,
the value for developers and project sponsors is not “the investor pool” but rather the unique approach to project
standardization, capitalization, management, and execution. The vertical integration of market specific industry
experts (via the Platform), the Alitheia Consultancies perfecting the business plan, the offering documents, the
sinking fund model, the globalization (the Alitheia Impact Plan), and the business development strategies within
the networking within the Ecosystem.

A – The project minimum capital raise is two million dollars ($2,000,000.00).

A – There are two classifications of projects: 1) affiliated projects, and 2) un-affiliated projects. Affiliated projects
are those projects that are designed to improve the Human Condition and can and are subsequently integrated
into the Alitheia Impact Plan. Un-affiliated projects are just that, projects that need capital for startup or growth,
that are part of a member’s portfolio but are not aligned with the Alitheia Impact Plan. Projects will all fit within
the overarching template structure of the Market Silos (platforms) and as such the advisory boards, executive
expertise, and necessary standardizations for capitalization are present.

A – All subsequent projects created are 70% to the member and 30% to Alitheia Holdings to create the
partnership at the onset. Equity is sold in the SPV – with the project assets guaranteeing the investor’s principal.
The proceeds from this investment are then traded to fund the project.

A – Alitheia Holdings retains 30% ownership of the project and revenue for the life of the project under the
partnership Agreement.

A – None. AI is used internally by Alitheia, its consultancies, and wholly owned subsidiaries to identify,
streamline, and optimize members’ projects

A – Once members have submitted their documents and signed off on the offering documents, we expect the
project to receive the first of the monthly dividends within 45-60 days. While we have created an accelerated
process to be sure, Members will have Ego issues that may slow this process down.

A – The funds are wired into your account pursuant to the offering documents issued to the SPV.

A – All checks are two signature checks. Yours and the Alitheia Legal Group (Oracle). Without the signoff for the
expense from both parties, the second signature is withheld.

A – The NFT points to the documents on the IPFS, a different blockchain technology that stores documents.

A – No. The trading fund is an SPV that finances the project until completion or failure. 1:1.

A – The fund is wound down in the standard practice of any closed fund.

A – The same way any funding is approved for distribution to the project’s sinking fund

A – Partnership established with Alitheia Holdings that includes:
 Set up of Membership to the group.
 Delaware series LLC, 501C (3).
 All features and benefits found within the Alitheia Portal.

FAQ for Investors

A – Project Investors: The project investment minimum is one hundred thousand ($100,000.00). Three hundred
thousand dollars ($300,000) is the average ask. Three million dollars ($3,000,000) is the maximum investment in
any one project (by dollar) and 20% is the maximum investment for any one investor in a syndicated raise. If an
LP wants to fully fund a project that they tokenize, a one to three-member joint venture can be tokenized, if all
three LLC members are in good standing and vetted members of the Ecosystem. (By percentage).
3C(n) SPVs: The minimum investment is 1,000,000.00. The ask is 5,000,000.00. The mean is 3,000,000.00. These
are bespoke hedge funds with contracted prime traders (Member of FINRA). They are listed in the Fund with an
8% PREF on distributions until their principal has been met.

A –
 Member projects are vetted by the group.
 A call is made to member investors for capital based on a proposed project.
 This capital is traded by the group producing dividends under 7-year trading contracts.
 Dividends are split 70%/30% between members project and the group/ investors.
 The platform retains 30% ownership in the project and revenue for the life of the project.

A – Standard in any private placement. Interest is generated, documents are sent, and investors enter through
the Alitheia Portal.

A – The term for funding is 7 years blocks, paid monthly. 7 years is the maximum. 2 Years is the minimum. The
Investors are participating with preferred equity in the project, entitling them to the first position in the waterfall
from the trading platform distributions.

A – It is a professionally managed fund in keeping with SEC/ CFTC required filings, disclosures, and practices.

A – It is trend follow based trading, entirely focused on price action.

A – 45-60 days depending on the day of the month you enter the fund.

A – Each fund is different, and you would need to visit the offering documents, but pursuant to Rule 506, there
is a mandatory lockup period on your securities.

A – Your attorney could better tell you what happens, which is a function of how your final arrangements are
made. This is a standard investment in a fund.

A – We are partners in the project. Principals. Isn’t it obvious? Distributions of profits.

A – We have over one year of trade history to prove the calculus and strategy. We have not launched an
Ecosystem Fund’s trading platform yet.

A – Decline to answer, but over $20B in assets are pledged and currently being / or are already monetized.

A – 3 Master communities, estimated at 3.5B$ in total value are active. None completed.

A – They are bespoke to each project as part of the consultancy between Alitheia and the Members.

A – Every project is different and may or may not require additional expenses, carve outs, or considerations.
Again, this is a function of the preparation of each set of offering documents.

A – Your project did not raise the $10MM, the group did. Your project is a 70% part of that partnership. If the
funds remain on the platform, it creates less risk for an investor or the partners. This is why you share in the
groups’ benefits to complete your project with no debt or payback. More specifically, ten million dollars
($10,000,000) was raised to put into trade creating a monthly cash flow for project operation. Our trading
history de-risks the project finance/success requirements for Ecosystem Investors.

A – Every project is different and may or may not require additional expenses, carve-outs, or considerations.
Again, this is a function of the preparation of each set of offering documents

A – It defaults. We are partners in the project. This isn’t a loan

A – Globally, Indices, Futures and Options, Commodities, and Good Delivery. We trade through top-tier banks
and established fund partners.

A – It isn’t registered. We are partners, and the traders are members of FINRA or Tier 1 banks.

A – That is where the Government lending programs come in, these are guaranteed loans for projects that have
gone through the underwriting and consulting process of the Ecosystem.

A –We are partners. Alitheia is not your money manager. If you are an investor, the trading fund is your
investment, and of course, after the lockup period, you can redeem your investment and cash out. If you are a
project owner, the land/assets don’t belong to you, they belong to the LLC and of course, you can buy out any
partnership in accordance with the OA / LLC Act of Delaware.