The Alitheia Impact Plan

The Alitheia Impact Plan provides a protocol for Main Street Entrepreneurs to delivering real solutions for communities around the world to improve the condition of those communities with an absolute focus on engaging members of that community to provide affordable housing, clean water, sustainable nutrient rich food, affordable health care, economic development and universal income to members of the localized community. The Alitheia Ecosystem is the delivery mechanism of the Impact Plan offering a vertical integration of capital, consulting, compliance, and execution for entrepreneurs, real estate developers, fund managers, and charities, all prospective members of the Alitheia Ecosystem, to enhance their communities and improve their lives as well as the lives of their neighbors.

The Alitheia Initiative

In September of 2018, at the C3 Summit for US / Arab Bi-Lateral Relations Alitheia Holdings, Inc. announced to the world the first asset backed, interest bearing fungible NFT fraction of a tokenized hedge fund focused on impact investing. This technology included full compliance with Rule 506 of the Securities Act, Rule 144 and 144a of the Securities Act, unprecedented counter-party risk and fraud prevention measures, and complete and total transparency for fund investors. The Alitheia Inititiative vertically integrates contracts, documents, consulting, private capital, government loan programs, grants, compliance, and business development for Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Developers, Fund Managers in a Joint Venture Partnership to improve the Human Condition by implementing the Alitheia Impact Plan.

The Maslow Initiative

The Maslow Initiative is the first phase of community development under the Alitheia Impact Plan; under this plan projects are deemed “affiliated projects” and are part of a Master Community and Economic Plan to build new or revitalized distressed communities by providing Affordable Housing, Commercial and Personal Greenhouses, Water reclamation, remediation, and delivery systems, Manufacturing Centers, Office Parks, Solar Facilities, MSW to Energy Facilities, Medical Facilities, A Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), An EB-5 Regional Center, and an office park over a ten year period to selected communities. The World is waking up to the idea of “Something has to change, this is not sustainable – economically, socially, environmentally, or politically.”. The Maslow Initiative addresses all of these concerns, directly, privately, across the four initiatives of the Alitheia Ecosystem: The Alitheia Initiative, The Main Street Initiative, The Indigenous Peoples’ Initiative, and the Emerging Nations’ Initiative.

The Main Street Initiative

The Indigenous Peoples' Initiative

The Emerging Nations' Initiative