The Ecosystem Provides Privacy and Trust in a Trustless Space

The idea of trust in a trustless space is not new. It has been sought after for generations in commerce. The creation of the Blockchain, specifically Smart Contracts on the blockchain give us a transparent, immutable mechanism in which absolute certainty in a transaction between two principals becomes a reality. The Ecosystem is a platform of platforms of various high finance implementations and markets. Capitalization, lending, acquisitions, manufacturing, even real estate development and with the addition of the Member Entrepreneurs a complete marketplace exists. The Ecosystem provides a place for capital partners, professional partners, asset partners, and entrepreneurs, all having cleared the Alitheia Diligence Process, trust is firmly established and when coupled with the transparent Smart Contracts, the Anonymity Protocols of the Token, Privacy, transparency, and Trust coexist.

Our Technical Partners: Ethereum, Digital Ocean, Docusign, Sayari, Intellius, SumSub, and Fast Case all provide the most comprehensive Due Diligence, Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Asset and Wealth Progeny, Civil and Criminal, and professional verification, certification, and anonymization service for global commerce ever contemplated.  In addition to these partners, our commitment to absolute truth and transparency dictates that we will always be increasing our diligence resources to provide you with the safest environment to transact on the Global Stage.

Our Financial Partners: The Associated Law Groups, Strategic CFO Partners, Raturi Bryan,  Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Ernst & Young providing certifications and attestations of the accuracy, and veracity of the agreements, transactions, values, and commerce of all the activity within The Ecosystem provides the highest levels of attention to detail, redundant records custodians, immutable transparent Smart Contract governance, immutable transparent archival, all built within the framework of US Securities, Banking, and Trade Laws and Regulations.

By joining The Ecosystem, our partners become your partners. Our diligence process verifies funds, assets, inventory, and performance of all of our Transactional Partners. We remove the risk of non-performance, fraud, and transactional failure by partnering with proven operators on our platforms. Our capital partners, manufacturers, buyers and sellers are all proven performers and are actively seeking new business relationships; they are looking for entrepreneurs like you.

Identity Theft, Fraud, Miscommunications, and Misrepresentations are more prevalent than ever.

From 2019 to 2020 Identity Theft rose by over forty percent (according to the FTC). What is really strange about this statistic though, is the majority of those cases were in young adults between the ages of 30 and 39; typically identity theft occurs in younger adults and senior citizens. This phenomenon clearly points to the increase in young professionals trying to work from home, online, and not being secure with their identities, and running to those that would commit frauds against them under the guise of legitimate business online.

3rd Party, Reusable KYC-AML-CFT Increases Security, Trust, and Lowers Friction.

Trust is paramount in business. Establishing trust in a post-pandemic world has become nearly impossible. Partnering with established industry professionals for validation, verification, certification, and archival, letters of attestation and documented past performance becomes a viable solution to provide such security. Using a standardized process that exceeds industry standards, the transparency and immutablility of the Blockchain, master agreements outlining the acceptance and use of the Smart Contract Waterfalls eliminates most of the friction in commerce.

Aggregated, verified SBLCs, DLCs, and LCs for Trade Finance in Manufacturing and Petroleum.

The amount of “brokers” in the banking instrument space, online, is higher than ever. Banking instruments are key to success in trade finance, and unfortunately most of the “brokers” in the online communities have never successfully completed a SWIFT delivery of a bank instrument, let alone been part of a completed transaction. The amount of instrument fraud, from 2019 – 2021 is rising at an alarming rate. The Ecosystem verifies ALL banking relationships, instruments, funds, and accounts prior to said assets being listed for use in The Ecosystem.

Aggregated, verified Land Owners, Capital, General Contractors, Green Construction Tech.

The amount of contiguous land under twenty acres in the United States, especially in and around T.E.A. zones, provides a prime opportunity for land development of the “Eco-Village”. Using modular construction technologies, such as Structural Insulated Panels” (SIPs), photovoltaics, self-contained water treatment, and micro-nutrient robotic greenhouses, The Ecosystem provides a turnkey market for verified members to develop single and multi-family, green, independent projects in the United States.

Aggregated Pre-Seed, Seed, and Angel Investors, Deal Flow Seeking Private Equity Investments

The Ecosystem Members source, prequalify, and subsequently sponsor equity projects for The Ecosystem. Entrepreneur’s are matched to investors based on underwriting guidelines, historical analysis of investment activity enhancing the matchmaking prior to meeting with investors. We have identified over 1T$ in available capital matching the primary investment verticals we are seeking to populate the Ecosystem with. Our process for prequalification, standardization, and normalization provides compliant, industry standard documents and agreements.