Free Membership

  • Lifetime
  • Allows you to join and be part of the Eco-system Learn and follow everything we do!
  • Newsletter
  • Access – and what is included with free:
    • Affiliate Sales Program Earning 10% Commission on all Consulting Sales
    • Affiliate Sales Program Earning 10% Commission on Audience and Data Sales.
    • Affiliate Sales Program Earning per each offer.
    • Documents Templates
      • NCNDA
      • NDA
    • Newsletter
    • Invitation to Ecosystem Only Events
    • Ecosystem Training on High Finance on The Blockchain
    • Ecosystem Training on Internet Marketing
    • US Consumer Database (Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Donors) for Ecosystem Promotional Use Only.

Gold membership

  • Quarterly Cost $625.00
  • Annual Prepaid Cost $2,000.00
  • For Investors, agents, brokers, entrepreneurs, consultants, Sale team Entrepreneurs,
  • This allows you the same opportunity as a Free Membership other than you can refer people and projects to the ecosystem team and are paid.
  • Earn a sales commission from every completed sale. (Explained)
  • 5% Equity Participation in projects from referred members
  • Everything in Free Membership

Platinum Membership

  • Cost $5,000.00
  • Alitheia Class NFT
    • Delaware Master Series LLC (HoldCo)
      • Registered Sub-Series LLC (Project Management)
      • Registered Sub-Series LLC (Fund Management)
      • 501c3 Delaware Corporation

Member is responsible for all filing fees to Delaware and Capitalization of each LLC (banking) (estimated cost 500-1000$)

  • Allows you all access to the ecosystem as an entrepreneur, asset owner, or investor (investors making cash investments fees are paid as a project or fund expense).
  • Allows full access to the Data Warehouse
  • Allows full access to the Contract Warehouse
  • Allows full access to the IPFS. (Interplanetary File System)
  • Allows full access to the Alitheia Blockchain
  • Allows Project or Fund Sponsorship
  • Allows Platform or Master Community Sponsorship
  • Full Participation in the Ecosystem Joint Venture Partner Program (9% Equity in Projects from referred members)
  • Everything In Gold & Free Memberships.